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Polynesian In-Ground Pool Owner's Manual

AutoPilot Salt Chlorine Generators

SCHEDULE: As required to maintain a good sanitizer level.

EQUIPMENT/SUPPLIES: AutoPilot system, salt, Polynesian Pools Bromine Generator, if applicable for bromine pool.

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Make sure Autopilot is set to 0% before adding chemicals to pool.


A. Maintain a salt level of 2500 to 3000 PPM in the pool. Bring a water sample in for testing at the beginning of every pool season. It is recommended to have your water tested for salt at least once a month to keep track of salt level.
B. Set percentage to 40% for 24 hours, and then check for chlorine residual. Set to 65% for bromine pools.
C. Adjust setting to maintain 1.5 PPM chlorine, or 2.0 PPM bromine.
D. The control box has a digital display that displays time, water temp, and purifier percentage. The percentage is controlled by the up and down arrows on the face beside the display. The higher the percentage, the more time the cell is set to run, and the more chlorine/bromine it adds to the pool.
E. Make sure to keep skimmers and pump strainer basket free from debris. This could reduce water flow, and can cause the check system light to flash and the display to show the message check flow/purifier off.
F. After checking skimmer(s) and pump strainer basket, check the union screen located at the opposite end of the u-shaped manifold from the cell. If it is clogged rinse and clean it.
G. Autopilot digital units are equipped with two timers. Refer to your owners manual for exact programming instructions. During hot weather it is recommended to set the timer to run the pump for at least 18 hours a day. During colder weather, the run times can be split up between the two timers. It is also recommended not to run the system for less than 4 hours at a time.

NOTE: Always make sure cell percentage is at 0% before adding chemicals to the pool. Also make sure the cell remains on 0% for 24 hours after adding chemicals.

For troubleshooting common AutoPilot problems such as flashing lights and error messages, refer to this page: AutoPilot Systems.